...Burke is being offered for adoption...

Heartsong's On the Rebound

(WTCH Red Wolf of DreamWinds x WTCH Heartsong's Ricochet PATDs)



2 Jul 2017   blue merle bi, neutered male   ht 22", wt 50lbs
MDR1 n/n, HC n/n, DM n/n, CEA n/n, PRA n/n, CMR1 n/n
(cleared by parentage)
full dentition, scissors bite
ASCA, AKC registered

Burke is an extremely talented young dog.  He has a fun loving personality and is still very much a big goofy puppy. A dog with a lot of character. He is outgoing and self confident.  Burke is very obedient and wants to please.  He is not a tester, not resentful of mistakes, not hardheaded.  He is sensitive but not worried about making a mistake. He learns quickly and retains what he has learned. He is intense but not overly excited. 

Burke has had a good start on his stock training.  He has not been pushed into mechanical obedience and has had time to learn how to read and work stock correctly using his natural talent.  He works ducks and sheep thoughtfully and honestly.  On cattle he is showing strength on heads and developing a nice low heel.  He has been hurt by kicks but has only learned from it and keeps on trying.  This dog has a ton of potential as a practical stock dog or serious trial competitor.  He is easy to handle and easy to work with.  He is honest with stock and very natural in group, rate and distance.  On top of all that he is a beautifully handsome dog with a big ground covering stride and impeccable agility.  Burke is offered for adoption to that perfectly special home where he is worked and loved.

If interested, please inquire by email




...Burke's talented parents...

(WTCH Red Wolf of DreamWinds DNA-VP)
Burke's sire, a cross of some old HT lines and Pincie Creek, bred by Kidd's Aussies, owned by DreamWinds

(WTCH Heartsong's Ricochet PATDs DNA-VP)
Burke's dam, a nice working, honest bitch, going back 4 times to Dude