some Starstuff Aussies, their owners and accomplishments...

WTCH Starstuff's Tenor of Heartsong 
(WTCH Heartsongs Six Strings x Starstuff's Silver Spurs STDcs)
owned by Gail Winnick

photo credit; Rustic Photography


Starstuff's Down Under Samurai GS-E-OP JS-E-OP RS-E
(WTCH Diamond S Doc Tom RTDcs x HOF WTCH Starstuff's Winning Play RTDcs)
owned by Jeremy Gerhard

ADCh-Plat LAA-Platinum MACH3 Starstuff's Down Under Samurai GCH-D SCH-D  JCH-D RCH-P TM-D MXC MJC MFG T2B4 TQX GS-E- OP JS-E-OP RS-E