HOF WTCH Rising Sun's Qwick Draw RTDcs DNA-VP

30 Jun 2001-Dec 2011   red merle bi   20in, 47lbs
OFA-good, eyes checked normal 2/07
full dentition, scissors bite
ASCA, AKC registered


Qwick was very… well, quick.  He was quick in his movement (fast and athletic), quick to think (intelligent and good problem solver), and quick to learn (very biddable and tries hard to figure out what you want of him).  He was an extremely talented stock dog with tons of drive and intensity.  He was an enormously fun dog to work with.  I knew I had a good one when he slipped in with the cows at 6 months and promptly hit the nose of a curious steer, then low heeled him after he turned.  Qwick was a strong and stylish dog on cattle.  He would hit heads and heels equally well and easily settle in behind.  He was not rowdy to disturb his stock and had a strong, honest work ethic.  He was equally comfortable in close confinement or widening out in the open field to cover his stock.  He loved to work anything.  He was a very classy stockdog.

Qwick had a ton of personality and loved to be the center of attention.  He kind of got a bit obnoxious at trials with people fawning on him, he enjoyed attention from anyone and never wanted it to stop.  Qwick was quiet and relaxed when just hanging out, nothing going on.  But he was always ready at a moments notice.  Then he was dead serious.  A big thank you to Becky Beckmann for Qwick and for breeding her talented bitch, Sota, to Dude for a second time.  That was truly a fantastic cross.