HOF WTCH Starstuff's Winning Play RTDcs DNA-CP


25 Oct 1999-   red merle c/w   19in, 43lbs
OFA-good, eyes checked normal
full dentition, scissors bite
ASCA, AKC registered

Winnie's titled progeny

Winnie was a true workaholic.  She put 110% into everything she did.  Her exuberance could sometimes be a workout but was always appreciated.  She was very strong on cattle with a hard, confident bite on heads or low heels. She was gentle on sheep and read them well.  She could be a pushy dog and was very intense about what she did but also very biddable and honest.  Winnie wanted to anticipate any suspected cue to go to work so was a bit of a handful to trail.  She was really never finished for trailing.  Winnie was instinctive, always ready to go, always wanting a job to do.  She would have made a great ranch dog with her strong drive and "never quit" attitude.  Her feelings were never hurt, even with undeserved training mistakes.   I always enjoyed her tenacity.  Winnie is an important bitch in Starstuff pedigrees.