They are producers of Champion working dogs, generation after generation
HOF WTCH Rising Sun's Qwick Draw RTDcs
  • HOF WTCH Starstuff's Rapture Ready  (produced)
  •         VCH WTCH Nineveh Case Dozer at Rockin F RTDcs
  •         WTCH FTCH Nineveh's Keyloh of Mekkado RTDcs
  •         WTCH FTCH Nineveh's Coquin of Mekkado RTDcs
  • WTCH Starstuff's Sweetwater Dude OFTDm RTDs
  • HOF WTCH-X Starstuff's Killian Qwick AFTDcsdm RTDcs  (produced)
  •          SDCH WTCH-X Lucky Rose No Lookin Back AFTDcs
  •          RTDcs PATDcs
             WTCH Lucky Rose Annie Up
  •          WTCH Lucky Rose No Regrets
  •          WTCH Starstuff's Just Killin Time
  • WTCH Starstuff's Gonna Be Qwick  (produced)
  •             WTCH Amistad Power Stroke
  • HOF Starstuff's Wild Card  (produced)
  •            PCH WTCH RTCH Apropos Check It Out
  •          WTCH Apropos Gibbon's Black Hat
  • WTCH Black Zones Shmi Skywalker AFTDs OFTDc
  • WTCH C-Me Hardins Black Magic Women AFTDs RTDcs (produced)
  •         WTCH Hardins RCC Counting Coup
  • HOF WTCH C-Me Ebony Not Ivory RTDs (produced)
  •         WTCH Heartsong's Ricochet PATDs
  •         WTCH Heartsong of Shadowdance
  • WTCH Just Plain Red Melody Cowdogs (produced)
  •            WTCH RMF Piper Stop Me Time
  • WTCH ATCH Just Plain Tribute to Wranglin AFTDs RTDs
  • HOF Just Plain Cougar
  • HOF Just Plain Mesquite ATDs OTDcd  (produced)
    HOF WTCH Wranglin's Kiawe AFTDcs OFTDm
  • HOF WTCH Imagineer's Incredible Lad AFTDcsd (produced)
  •          WTCH-X JJ Sun Schwarzmann AFTDs
  •          SPCH WTCH-X FTCH Let's Talk About Come to Me
  • WTCH Top Caliber's Hang M High AFTDm OFTDcsd RTDcs
  • WTCH Top Caliber's Quick Lil Red
  • WTCH Top Caliber's Lucky Charm


WTCH Diamond S Doc Tom RTDcs